Such Peace

These stunning images are by Jan Staller. There is such peace in them, although there is a deeper message behind the aesthetic calm and beauty. The last two images are of stabilised erosion and covered up landfill, the first a fallow corn field.

A big thanks to everyone who stops by for a gander each week, so glad that you do. And particular thanks to these lovely people for spreading the Diversions far and wide...

Felicity @ Gifts Of Serendipity (thanks for the award and lovely comment darl!)

Mandy @ 16 House

and the peeps from

Style Design College @ Devour

Images from jan staller


Sarah B said...

What interesting images. Really strong and graphic :)

A Room For Everyone said...

Wonderful images, all the more powerful with the message behind them..Have a lovely day..Rachaelxx

Brandi said...

How moving these images are. You're right, there is a real message here. A great post for a Saturday, Jules.

Lady Grey said...

I never thought I'd say this, but that landfill is beautiful!

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