Natural Luxe

The natural luxe look of this home is just stunning. There's nothing twee or folksy here, its down to earth natural finishes matched with a level of sophisticated glamour really make this country look seem all grown up.

The simple finishes help to keep this place on the glamour side of the tracks, plain rendered walls, no cornices or skirting boards, just sharp lines muted with a soft finish and colour.

Images from alina goziná


Diana Mieczan said...

Beautiful soft colour and earth natural vibe are fantastic!!!
Such a stunning find...Wonderful place to live in:)
Kisses,my dear

Looking Glass said...

I love those antler chandeliers...

~ Clare x

Third Avenue Style said...

wonder if there are torture implements hidden under the stairs? All the moody lighting makes me feel as though some man may be lurking in the shadows waiting to use them on me - actually probably the austere looking fellow in the top portrait - OK maybe I need to give my rather overactive imagination a rest now.


Anonymous said...

divine - again. the absence of garish color is the secret. earthy subdued palette, like your previous post and it works every time. and not an injection of red to be seen - hooray!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I love it, quite austere and a little spooky in some corners ;)

María said...

Absolutely luxury. I love this interior. thank you!

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