Delish Little Idea

It was the balance in the bathroom that caught my eye on this one. But once I'd satisfied that little part of my brain, the rest of me went ambling round the other loveliness.

The richness of the entry, the modern library complete with ladder and reading nook. But the show stopper for me was the cloud of floating spoons.

I'm wise enough to know my own limitations, but surely someone, somewhere will take that delish little idea and recreate it. Please send some snaps if you do!

Images from carden cunietti


Kerri said...

Thinking I might need to get me some wallpaper like that for my loo - very spesh! K xx

Kerry said...

I really wish my kitchen was big enough for a spoon mobile! Although I'd be bound to run into it every second minute I'm such a klutz :)
Happy weekend bloss x

Dustjacket Attic said...

Now that is clever, I love the first pic. The setup is so gorgeous and love the floor in #3.

I know it's Friday...yay, cheers darl.

David Toms said...

Loving the last room. My stle completely!

Kelle Dame said...

So cool! I didn't even realize those were spoons! I am definitely a fan of that wallpaper too. It's on my list!

Matrioshka said...

Am loving that bathroom!

Definitely gotta have some high ceilings for those spoons. But I LOVE it!

La Feem said...

I love the bathroom and the kitchen. Happy Spring to you darling, enjoy!!

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