How dramatic is this?! The treatment used on this Riad is so bold, but wow, it works. Love the touches of vintage and the luxe treatments.

And those pom poms on the bedspread - killing me.

Images from cote maison


Sarah B said...

Wow, pretty impressive but I'm not sure I'd be happy living there, maybe a bit too bold for me. I would happily own those chandeliers though!

Diana Mieczan said...

I am so impressed that those two colours go so well together... dramatic and beautiful:)

Kisses my dear:)
Have a lovely morning:)


Oh my goodness, I love this more than words can say. And yes, I love the pom poms too!!!

Anonymous said...

wow...not my cup of tea at all! i loathe dramatic splashes of color (particularly so coordinated as this) and even worse, that reddish/orange shade. to my mind, the base gray color is good and would have been better kept fairly monochromatic and, if colour was absolutely necessary, perhaps just the right tone of amethyst.

sorry, injections of red i just can't stand!

Elements said...

Thanks for the fantastic post Jules......I love how you find these obscure little places that are not what you see in every mag you pick up and I have to say isn't style and colour sooo subjectively wonderful.

Julienne said...

Jules, I am such a red girl this post is just delicious and I agree with you those pom pom are just magic!! xx

Sarah Klassen said...

This is too too funny -- you won't believe! I just scanned this! Haha, and well, it is an unbelievable place :)

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