Feeding A Thought

Those green tiles in the bedroom are feeding a thought that's been running through my mind lately about tiling my entry way. It isn't the largest of spaces and a bit on the dark side, so I've been thinking that a bold tile might kill two birds with one stone.

 Give the space the punch it needs and eliminate the problem of boys, bags, footy boots etc making the walls look like the tarmac of an international airport. What about you - do you have tiled walls outside of the confines of the bathroom/kitchen? Would love to see!

Images from wertheimer


The Zhush said...

We have bright blue glossy subway tiles around one of our fireplaces....family room, and I love it! Of course there is also white subway tiles in my kitchen...my all time fave, so you are really preaching to the choir on this one..go for it Jules!

Paper Tree Design said...

Hi Jules, absolutely love those green tiles in the first image, not to mention the retro feel they give the space. I don't have any tiles outside of the wet areas/flooring of our home but would love to see your entryway when you finish. I say go for it too!! Michelle

Diana Mieczan said...

What a great one...I always wanted to have a green tiled fireplace!
Those huge windows are so stunning:)
Kisses my dear

Angela Furlong said...

Hi Jules, a word of warning from someone who once made a costly mistake... whatever you do, don't tile the wall in a large format, glossy tile! Makes it look hideously masculine and commercial.

BUT I love the look of smaller, more interesting tiles on an internal wall that turns it into a feature... so quirky and unexpected... a great idea!

Happy Wednesday


Jane said...

I think it could work if you used really small tiles almost mosaic on the walls in a jewel colour and then something bigger and neutral on the floors, and then it could be kind of Morrocan-y. I think tiles are pretty hard to get right - do not do yourself!! xoxo

say.la vie said...

We recently moved to Texas and our house is ALL tile (with exception to the bedrooms). It's a love/hate relationship I have. But as far as cleaning...though it's a big job for my house, it's fairly easy. And with the dust-bowl that surrounds our home, having an "easy clean up floor" is a must. As for your entry way - it sounds like the perfect place for functionality and a style statement. I think you should GO FOR IT. :) xx, Naphtali


Not entirely sure about the green tiles, but it could grow on me. I guess I'd prefer orange tiles.

Lisa xx

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh....that green, those lights in the hallway....sigh. I am so with you, I think that is a fantastic idea! Great going mate! Let us know when it is done, no pressure! :)

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