I love this amazing sofa makeover that I spotted at casa sugar. The clever person behind this genius-nous is ADD from DIY With ADD, who as you might be able to tell, has a pretty gorgeous and stylish home. Have had a lovely time looking through her DIY adventures.

 So, now to spread out some love to a bunch of lovely people who really have made my socks roll up and down all on their own this week....

Lauren @ Lauren & Co

Bron @ Baby Space

Lisa @ Smacksy

thank you all so much for spreading the Diversion love. Totally stoked.

And not forgetting, thank you to you too for coming 'round and joining the games.

Images from casa sugar


mise said...

That's so snazzy, and the white piping is the killer touch.

julie said...

Wow - what a transformation and it looks super comfy. I agree, the piping really makes it.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

oh my! What a huge change, move on into the modern era! Love it!

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

When I first found your site, I read the whole thing from the beginning.

Charlotta Ward said...

In my mind I have already posted a comment on how gorgeous I think this.. but I can't see it here so I must have just dreamed it up when I read this post on the weekend.

Love this reincarnation. Such a lift!

xx C

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