Hanging Out

I just love the ocean and these images from Dane Peterson make me so happy. The first two are my faves. I mean how cool does that chick look?! Man I'd like to bottle an ounce of that. And waves crashing on in through the rain has to be one of the all time visual gifts in my book.

Warm thanks and love to everyone that stops by for a Diversion or two, so glad you do! Big love and kisses this weekend to two lovely chicks (who are such great supporters of The Diversion Project) for spreading the Diversions far and wide:


Hope everyone is having a v.happy and relaxing weekend, maybe even watching a few breaks come in or just hanging out around the house with your feet curled up. Happy 4th to all up there in the States, and hope it goes off with a huge bang!


Kerry said...

Thank you again bloss...and for the heads up about Heather...I've been over and her blog is gorgeous. I'm about to head off to the coast for a few days...maybe I'll catch a glimpse of someone surfing a la image No.1!!

heather jenkinson said...

That's exactly what I thought - that surfer lady has it going ON! What a fabulous line she pulls, huh?

Thank you so, so much for the mention - and you put me in such good company, too! Love it.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh she is SO cool, love her!

Have a very fab Sunday honey,

Jeanne said...

These are great shots Jules...reminds me of all those fabulous beaches in Australia...the best in the world in my books!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Jeanne :)

Mariska Meijers said...

where oh where is my board...following Heather now thanks for the introduction Jules and Kerry is simply wonderful. have a great "rest" of your Sunday xoxo

Angela Furlong said...

Hey Jules - thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. My goodness, the story of your friend is so incredibly sad - coping with that kind of loss more than once must be quite unbearable. Talking about tragedy can be hard, but I think it helps.

I love your post by the way - gorgeous images!

Love Angela

The Zhush said...

Girls and guys who surf, they do give off such a chill cool vibe! Love these.

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so cool...They really do have a great vibe....Kisses sweetie

Rachel Elizabeth said...

It makes me want to go to the beach. Beautiful pictures.

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