Feast Your Eyes

Speaking of Nanna Glamour, this little etsy shop is a great destination. I went exploring through this shop called Lucy and Ellen after seeing it over at a cool blog called Paisley St Claire.

I'm a bit crazy about the lovely jewllery boxes they have (there are several) and vintage radios. And how cool is that little crab guy right there.

Go feast your eyes, it's lovely there.


Elements said...

I love the beads but I would be happy just with the flowers....easily pleased here....all the images are beautiful.

Emma said...

Mmm...I like the beads too. I just popped over here from Melissa Loves. I wanted to know who else she loved!
(I can see why - lovely blog.)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Really cool stuff, and presented so beautifully! I love it! XO!

Sarah Klassen said...

Great items, I must say!

I cannot get over the napkins and the jewelry box -- so elegant... thanks for sharing this great find, and also, for all of your lovely comments this week... I hope you are enjoying the weekend :)


La Feem said...

Love this shop!!

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