Design Detail

I melted when I saw this house. It pushed all my buttons. Scale, concrete, glass, exposed block work, exposed steel, and a drop dead gorgeous entry (even if that tree will probably be dead within 5 years of construction).

I'm particularly crazy about the detail between the block work and the glass panelled walls. Frameless, clean and beautifully designed.

Images from Arch Daily


Diana Mieczan said...

Glass, glass, glass...I love it too...Can you imagine how it looks in a daytime...Ahhh a perfect place...I would love to spend there a weekend or so:)
Kisses darling and good morning:)

Dustjacket Attic said...

This is amazing, they have lit it up so beautifully too....would love to see these places for real.

Lady Grey said...

I want that sink! Who am I kidding, I want that whole house!

Kendall said...

That staircase had me at first glance. And the bathroom wall. Oh my!

Sarah Klassen said...


What a gorgeous place this is... I actually stopped and looked through twice. You always see more detail that way, I find. Beyond the gorgeous materials used, I really enjoy the use of lighting, that seems to set it off so well. Another fabulous feature... have I mentioned how much I enjoy your blog, and the insight you bring? Well, I do :)

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