Cut And Polished

The main reason for this post is purely that it is polished concrete porn, and I can't get enough. I specify concrete a lot in my daily job, and just love all of the different aggregates and oxides that are available these days. I know that it isn't the most eco friendly product in the world, but the strength and longevity of the material surely must work in it's favour just a little?!

This pad is a nice example of 'old school' grey, steel float finish, washed, cut and polished. Gorgeous.

Images from Bo Bedre


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh you crack me up Jules, way to!

You will be amused with my post today ..... ;)

Cheers for tonight,

Kerry said...

You know how much I love that first picture don't you! And if I ever need a concrete spec, I'll certainly know where to come! Have a great weekend bloss xx

Gramercy Home said...

Gorgeous indeed. I found your blog through bungalow 8 and glad I came to visit. Delightful images and witty writing. A pleasure indeed!

A-M said...

Oh I am a sucker for polished concrete too. Lived in a funky little cottage out in the West of Brisbane before we were married.. polished concrete, caught the sun, the floors were always so warm. A-M xx

Catherine said...

I agree, polished concrete is fab.

Diana Mieczan said...

I really like the grey and I find this big table so stunning:)
Kisses sweetie and its Friday:)

Abby said...

Seriously, stop it already, Jules! Where do you find these gorgeous homes?! Love that bedspread and concrete floors - very cool.

Have a great weekend!

Engracia said...

I love it, in fact I want it on my ktchen floor and my benchtops, one day Jules.

Sarah Klassen said...

I love your writing and taste -- it keeps me coming back for more... about concrete, though, you and I are kindred spirits—90% of my house is concrete... all that is not is the carpeting that goes up the stairs. I love it + these examples that you show!

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