Winter Stroll

A day of family stuff today. A football game, a few phone calls to return, and a winter stroll along the beach with the boys and the dog are on the cards.
A huge thanks to the people at Flairful who have picked up this little Diversion Project and have been spreading my posts along with a stable of some pretty awesome blogs! I know, can't believe it either.
Flairful is pretty new to me, but love the concept. From their site ~ Flairful is part of the Artessen Network of sites - a unique platform that focuses on the artistic, creative and visual movements by aggregating the best blog content from relevant sources.
It's a pretty cool place to look around, and a great way to see find some fresh new design meat.

But the biggest thanks goes to all you crazy cool chicks and blokes that drop in daily for a dose of Diversion, love having you along!

Image is not actually an image of Ms Diversion Project, however if you choose to believe it is, that's OK too.


Simply Mel said...

Hmmm...I'm going to choose to believe that is you because your fabulous words and posts just seem to fit this image perfectly!

Bon weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

:) Such a sweet post,darling:)
Have a wonderful day:)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey sweetpea, freezing your ass off yet, cool look though....I choose to believe okay!

Big congrat's on flairful, I had a look and just love how they present, such a cool site. Way to go babe.
xoxo DJ

Kellie Collis said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a lovely weekend! x

Anne-Marie (10 Rooms) said...

so love the sound of a winter stroll along the beach.. have a great weekend..

heather jenkinson said...

Wow, what a fab site Flairful is - and clever, too, for they've even given you your own stream/page! Brilliant, it's thrilling to see talent growing (a great pair of) legs.

I hope your weekend hit the spot - thanks for a particularly inspiring batch of posts this past week, Jules!

Tina said...

Cheeky post Jules!! OK sad I know, I thought someone would have already pipped me to the post with that comment;) Hope you have had a fab weekend lovely! Off to follow your links:) Have a great week ~ Tina xx

Kelle Dame said...

Exactly what The Moerks said! I need boots like that! Seriously! and congrats to you! We all love you!

A Room For Everyone said...

I LOVE images like that..That's exactly how I would walk around if society allowed! I liked your balancing act post..and no, you're not alone..Lucky you're so fabulous, it will get you through! Rachaelxx

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