Did You Spot This?

Did you spot this way cool house tour of Nikole Herriott's place over at Design*Sponge? I'm sure you all know Nikole's fabulous blog forty-sixth at grace {if you don't - get thyself over there now!}

I just love Nikole's creations, and the fantastic things that are available in the shop Herriott Grace which she opened in partnership with her Dad.

And while you're aquainting yourself with all things Nikole, make sure you take a look at her flickr set. As you'd imagine, someone with a home this great, has an amazing eye.
Images from Design*Sponge via celine kim (who has an awesome blog too btw)


Jane said...

Yes I did! Snap.!

Razmataz said...

Oh wow, no I have not seen it. It is so lovely and simple and fresh.

Diana Mieczan said...

Yes, I did and I love it so much....So creative and beautiful...I get so many new ideas from her!!!
Kisses darling and enjoy your day.)
Ps: Hope its sunny:)

The Zhush said...

So serene and pretty, not familiar with this blog...so getting thineself there nowest!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Love the thoughtful composition and simplicity. Thanks for pointing me to her blog!

Kelle Dame said...

Oh yes! I just did! I was very happily diverted! You should warn people that they will be running out for an ice cream sandwich immediately after stopping by her blog :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh wow....no, I hadn't seen this beauty yet. wow...wow...What a beautiful, warm and lovely space. Love the detail, earthy touches and gorgeous comfort.
Thanks for sharing this with me mate! :)

A Country Farmhouse said...

I missed it! Love all the simple nods to earthy nature. I'll have to check out her Flickr set...and love the name 'Herriot Grace.'

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