Going For A Song

I thought of all you chicks in the northern hemisphere heading into summer when I saw this gorgeous bag at one of my favourite vintage shops, Hello Victory.

I did. I pictured you in your skinny white jeans/grey t-shirt/black havaianas and your khaki shorts/navy silk blouse/tan buckle up sandles, and I also pictured you in that short orange dress you bought because you loved the colour but have barely worn it since you got it because you need to be in the zone to wear it. (by the way, bust out the orange dress, seriously. It would look amazing with this bag!).

This lovely little number is going for a song, head here quickly to snap it up.

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Kerri said...

I'm in love with this bag Jules! My nan had one just like it in the late 70's that I always loved, but sadly I don't know what happened to it. Hmm...wonder if they ship to Australia? K xx

mise said...

All of us chicks are so honoured that you remembered our orange dress. We were reluctant to pack it when we went to Australia because it creases so, but it was clearly worth the effort.

1 Funky Woman said...

The fabric on this bag is fabulous! I don't have an orange dress, nor do I have black skinny jeans or anything skinny for that matter, lol! But I am sure I could find something to wear and carry that fab bag!

The gal is in Minnesota oh so close to me!


Oh it's fab! Bring on summer! :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh you are making me wistful for summer...actually I think I did that with my own post, oh well.

Cool bag, I love going to vintage stores so must check your fav one.

Frame next week possum,

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