C Is For Ceramics, And Cool

I stopped by the Etsy store of Jill Rosenwald the other day to see if the store policy of not shipping overseas had changed. Sadly it hadn't, but I did find this v.cool new style she's producing.

The colours and the trellis style pattern are so speaking to me. Perhaps it's a good thing that they can't be shipped to Oz. {note to self: must save for reno, must save for reno, MUST save for reno {{or next trip to Paris instead}}}

Images from here


Diana Mieczan said...

It is very cool and so cute! I adore things which make you smile!
So pretty:)
Have a wonderful Sunday my dear!

julie said...

They are so speaking to me too, I love that type of pattern. I imagine it would be a bit touch-n-go with shipping ceramics long distances but still, what a shame. My neighbour has a kiln and paints her own ceramics, I may have to go next door and make something similar for myself

shari @ little blue deer said...

I LOVE these (and I live in the U.S.). Wow, just beautiful, I love those ice cream bowls! Thank you for posting, I am bookmarking her shop! XO!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, great ceramics! I love drooling over such cuteness, but I am only toruring myself as I am saving for our adventure! Still, someone once said 'there is no harm in looking', so I am going with that theory.
:) Flick

Mariska Meijers said...

have it shipped to a blogger friend and then forwarded to you :))

Kerri said...

Ooh, I like the way Mariska thinks! I can see a whole new window of opportunity for some canny US bloggers to start a shipping service to Australia. They'd make a killing if they offered to send goodies like these. Thanks for the heads up, her work is gorgeous. K xx

Victoria295/ said...

Oh the images you posts are very nice. I like many of them
Cool stuff

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ooh.....I am loving these! As I said before( not to mess with your reno or Paris my dear) but I can always ship stuff to you if you want it badly enough! :) OR maybe instead of Paris you need to save to come to Jersey? Ha ha ha ho ho hee hee.....just jokin mate! :) Thanks for reminding me to check out her shop!


Oh I LOOOOVE these! Such a great find! Although my wallet might not think so :)


Amy R. said...

I will check these out. I am a fool for trellis:)

la la Lovely said...

Gorgeousness... thanks for the introduction.. going on my wish list.

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