Rough Luxe

I'm noticing more and more that the hospitality world is working to create a new type of experience rather than just a service. Hotels and restaurants are tuning into design ideas that really step away from the norm. Bout bloody time I say!

One such example is the Rough Luxe movement. The hotels are a clever mix of art, vintage items, distressed finishes and five star beds and linen that has me itching for the Book Now button. These images come from the hotel in London, but there are more options around the globe, not to mention retailers and restaurants that are part of the movement.

I really liked this statement from their site ~ 'Rough-Luxe is a new way of looking at luxury as a moment in time and not only part of an object of consumption. Luxury is an enriching personal experience and not only an ownership of an expensive object. Therefore, the Rough-Luxe definition of Luxury is: time for reflexion, personal encounters with people, nature, architecture and environment as well as food and social and cultural experiences linked to geographic locations.'

Brilliance. Bravo.

Images from here.


Razmataz said...

Love that first one. That what a lot of people say when they look at art. So it literal and figurative. Love it.

A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful piece...love these images and the feel of these spaces..

Laura said...

I also prefer getting away from the normal hotel feel of things, but I would rather be in comfort than surrounded by something bizarre. Weird and edgy can be fun to look at but I don't know if I'd want to live in it for very long.

Bonito said...

this sofas...mmmm. Very inspiring!

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