Happy B-Day To You

Big kudos and congrats to Inside Out for reaching their esteemed 10th Anniversary! I remember all to well reading this mag when it first came out and thinking 'finally, an Aussie mag that gets my style'.

Like most sane people out there, I ripped open the bag on my Inside Out 10th Anniversay edition with the same sort of giggling enthusiasm that I showed back when I was a mere young thing and my membership to the Adam and The Ants club arrived!
{{Although the Inside Out crew managed to make me all giggly and gushy a while back when I discovered that The Diversion Project had been added to their blog roll. Totally rocked my little round a bout}}

I tell you, this edition is a goody. One thing that has really got me interested is the Art Auction they're running with all proceeds going to the Heart Kids charity.

I've seen a few of the pieces floating around the blog world - but just so you know, any one of the pieces above has surely got my name all over it. Good luck competitors bidders - and don't forget it's for a truly deserving cause.

All images from here.


Kerri said...

Well done you! Love Inside Out too and what a thrill to be on their blog roll. And the artwork is to die for, I might just need to make a sneaky bid or two on some of my favourites! K xx

shari @ little blue deer said...

I'll have to check it out, you Aussies have such fabulous style!

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