Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hope you kids all get to have a bit of R & R in the sun today - does the above look like a fabulous idea, or does it not?

Image from here


The Moerks said...

Yesterday, was a day as per your photo. Today overcast, slight chance of a shower. Meaning I need to get off the computer and put final coat of paint on kitchen stools!!! Before the drizzle.

Marija said...

A totally fabulous idea. But it's still cold in Chicago. Ugh. Maybe next weekend :)


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh that looks perfect...hope your weekend is going good!
xoxo DJ

Mariska Meijers said...

Love the picture! Have a great Sunday xox

Anonymous said...

Oh that pic looks perfect! It was so beatifully warm and sunny today, but unfortunately R & R was far far away from me today... the dreaded 'home opens' have begun at my house!

Jeanne said...

Fab idea...just watch that glass and the keyboard. Been there done that before. I would be so so happy to be in that spot right now!


Kristin said...

This looks like a great idea too! Don't know if I should choose the Eiffel tower as a view (as in my post) or this wonderful place in the sun! Lovely picture! And your blog is very nice!!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, a VERY good idea indeed....I hope you had a bit of this over your weekend hun & I plan to try for this today....gimlets for sure. You just have to tell me how to make one! :)

Anzu said...

Everything you need for a perfect lazy day in the sun!

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