Double Vision

I just adore these soft shots full of glamour, style and insanely pretty colour. Little vignettes that tell the whole story. I think a photographer has achieved  something really quite brill when they can portray a space that you not only like the look of, but also that you can imagine yourself in.

Images from here.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Couldn't agree more...I bags the last room :)

Yeah total drongo (so aussie)...it's part of my ensemble honey, I change it each day to suit the post ~ are you scared now...cause I'm scaring myself.

A Country Farmhouse said...

Beautiful. The images make me want to wallpaper all of our walls. It adds so much character to a room. X Trina

annechovie said...

So pretty, Jules! Hope you are well.

A Room For Everyone said...

What fantastic images..very artistic..I like the girl's outfit too. Rxx

Jeanne said...

Very clever...like a scene from an old english movie.

Jeanne :)

chair up said...

What a great way to capture the mood of these rooms.
In answer to your question...I didn't find it hard to paint the stripes, just a bit of measuring and masking tape. I try and leave the bottom and top stripe the same colour as the adjoining mouldings so I don't have fiddly cutting-in to do:o)

one sydney road said...

so artistic and fun and glamorous...makes me want to wallpaper now!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are GORgeous....I love all of this glamour too!

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