Shoe Bones

The other week Kellie at Ada&Darcy posted some images of her little angels' party time in her lovely home. I tell you, if you don't know what 'butter wouldn't melt' looks like, head over here and check out these two.

Kellie's post reminded me of these fabulous images, and even though it pains me to post images of shoes being hurt (yes, I am a shoe rights liberationist) - they're pretty flipping funny.

Images from here


Kerri said...

Too funny! When our dog was a puppy she went through a stage of eating the heel out of every shoe she could find (wasn't so funny back then!)
K x

Kerry said...

Laughing and wincing at the same time...quite hard to do:)

Razmataz said...

Yikes! I've lost a few over the years too. Cite pictures.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Arrggg can you hear me from over here.....doggies get yourself a bone please....pretty funny though.

A-M said...

What is it with doggies and shoes... or socks for that matter. My old neighbours pup used to pounce on my boys school shoes as soon as they were off their feet. If we weren't quick enough, we would find ourselves digging up the garden, searching for them at the end of each visit! A-M xx

Meander said...

I totally heart your blog. This post in particular is just adorable in every way. I'm adding you to my blog roll!

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