A Little Growth

I'm starting to get my head around to gardening again. After a long hot summer, I can feel the garden exhaling and relaxing, maybe even thinking it could be time for a little growth.

My career is in this field, on a commercial scale, so it should come as no surprise that I don't often garden at home. I'm like those electricians with multiple power boards everywhere, the hairdresser with tram track dark roots, or the architect with an unfinished home. I  had a new garden constructed not long after moving here, but deliberately went no fuss. The most fuss I make is texting the lawn mower man.

My garden consists of lawn and native plants out front as they take the brunt of the western summer heat. More lawn out the back, perpetually covered with a trampoline, dog toys and boys. A canopy of grape vines, a lovely remainder from the elderly Italian gentleman who lived here before. There are new trees that are bolting along. A compilation of pots, some with geraniums, some with water plants, and some looking very unloved at this time of year. And a lemon tree with nesting doves, with a sun lounge underneath, where both I and my dog like to laze {at separate times!}.

With the cooler nights arriving I'm feeling almost keen to get out and throw some seeds around. So this weekend I might bust out my girliest net skirt and show the place its time to wake up and put on another show.

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Kerri said...

I love autumn, it's the best time of year to get into the garden after the heat of summer has passed. The Brissie days are lovely and warm, with just a little chill at night - bliss!
Happy gardening,
K x

karey m. said...

outside all day. my deck and back yard is seriously going to get in the way of my blogs!

it's enticing...

come visit! i'm sure you can whip it all into shape way faster than i can...


Ness Lockyer said...

I know what you mean there ;0)
I am feeling the same way about the garden, since it has been a little cooler I had had the incling to get out there in the dirt. Hope your digging goes well.
Ness xx

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