Bold Experiment

Cutting a Mini Cooper in half and mounting it on the kitchen wall might not be an option for most people, but when you're dealing with a room of these proportions it almost seems like the most sensible thing you could do.

This room thrives on the idea that bold is better. The car, the nail polish red smeg, the silver sofa, the long vintage table all add up to a bold experiment that went off without a hitch.

Images from here.


. said...

Whoa...very bold indeed...but its looks fab!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

wow!! wow. wow. wow. loving it all....x

Razmataz said...

I guess you would have to have the right house. Can't imagine that in any house in my sururban neighborhood! Quite interesting though....

Mlle Paradis said...

oh i loved all of it. ALL of it! In the states we'd have to call that a homerun. what a great find. i loved the way the transfer ware was taken out of its "pine dresser" context.

ps it totally passed me by but your blossom post, it was all about those turquoise and greys again wasn't it? i might have to copy that first pic for my personal files.


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