Speaking To Me

So, we've established I love cool homes, S.H.O.E.S., inspiring photography, travel and just about anything gorgeous (including Kevin McCloud - yes, yes, I know, I know, I read the comments - but, it's my fantasy and Kevin it is! {for now})....but, I don't think that I've let on yet just how much I LOVE music.

Music is like air for me - can't ever imagine being without it. I used to be a cellist many moons ago, but I love music of all kinds. In fact I am always on the hunt for new tunes! The fabulous Megan from beach bungalow 8 and I have been exchanging a few tunage ideas, and I get a lot from all the youngsters working for my firm.
So.......(yes, huge preamble I know, but here's the salient point)....how COOL are these ceramic speakers?! Music meets low tech cool - and I'm sold, that's just me. I love the understated style of these, and I'm a bit more than over the moon about the pink speaker cables. We've lived our lives begging for wireless speakers - the day comes when they're a reality, and then Joey Roth mixes it up by designing cables that you actually want to see.

OK, as you can see - I can be a little nerdy about this stuff (industrial design is a soft spot in my heart), but surely you must agree, these are the loveliest beacons of sound around.

Images from Joey Roth.


karey m. said...

these are stunners...going to check out beach bungalow 8 now and catching up on the rest of your gorgeous posts.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love that you can see the wires.

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