Lightness Of Being

This gorgeous home is doing all the fabulous things with colour that I'm really switching on to of late. It isn't a home of all white walls (although there are many), some are a soft grey and the entry there is a light duck egg blue.

The lightness of touch with colour is the master stroke. It makes each piece a vivid part of the fabric of the home.

And that Saarinen Tulip table is making me stare!

Images from here.


Mlle Paradis said...

Love it all - couldn't agree more. I've had a mahogany sideboard I've wanted to repaint like that for years but my in-laws did such a beautiful job french polishing it that I've never had the heart.

Tina said...

What a stunning home Jules! I can't stop staring at those gorgeous white floors!!!!Thanks for sharing:)-Tina x

Brabourne Farm said...

These are such beautiful rooms and the gorgeous splashes of colour are divine. Leigh

Patricia Torres said...

Love the dash of blue.. in every room!! The first pic is awesome!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

The last picture is amazing. It makes me want to move into a beautiful place such as that.

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