Itchy Feet

The stunning images of this property in Filicudi, Italy are by Adriano Bacchella, and man they are making my feat itch!

I love travelling and have been to many countries over the years, Italy being one of my favourite places. I dream of being embarrassingly independently wealthy and being able to travel to wherever my heart desires on a regular basis. Oh if only wishing could but make it so....

Images from here.


A-M said...

Oh it's a bad itch, that travel one. At least we can travel through bloggy blog world. A-M xx

Vintage by LOU LOU said...

Perhaps we'll bump into each other as when I am embarrasingly independantly wealthy, I too plan to travel to these most gorgeous locations...

karey m. said...

you know...i'm not sure it's the money issue. don't you think its more of a choice issue? i look at some people living really cool lives wherever they want to live them, and tey have not-so-much stuff...just a lot of fun.

of course, there's the whole kid factor. and expensive private schools to make up for my innate lack of common sense and general intellect.

whatever. i think i just disproved my point, eh?

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