Cox & Cox

I have to admit, online shopping is kind of my weakness. 'Oh, i'm going to be awfully good this year and save mega bucks and renovate the house, or go to Osaka, or buy that block of land in the bush.'

Well can someone please tell people like Cox & Cox to get on board with the plan! The selection above is just a mere wafer thin sliver of the gorgeous selection they have online.

If you're trying to do the saving thing too - best you look away now. If not, head here for a huge array of fabulous temptations. And of course, they ship internationally (three of my favourite words).

{how gorgeous is that little faux rabbit fur rug bundle, could eat him up!}

All images from Cox & Cox


Anna said...

Jules..I love that little sewing case..and those storage boxes for a kids room...super cute!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh gosh cannot get onto their site quick enough. What a darling sewing case...I don't sew, but I could pretend with something that cute.

Brabourne Farm said...

I'll have one of each please and anything else that you think I might like! Leigh

imhkki said...

I liked the wallnuts

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