No Allen Key Required

This is what is known as a Bachkit. Since when did prefab homes get so gorgeous? I wouldn't be too upset to have one of these as a holiday home...in fact, I'd love it!

It's a very simple design, that looks bullet proof - great for holiday digs with kids. The buildings also have 5 star energy rating, which is a great achievement for this type of build.

The company originates from New Zealand, where the term 'Bach' refers to a seaside shack or holiday house, but they're taking Oz by storm. There's a dispaly kit down south where we're headed tomorrow - will definately be stopping in to take a look. Then I just need a lovely piece of land to put it on, like this maybe...

oh, and winning Lotto would be good too!

We're heading off tomorrow for a week of sand, sea and sleeping in. I've prepared some posts to roll out while we're away (fingers crossed it actually works!), so I'd love you call by and take a look!

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Lisa said...

I love this idea - what a fantastic little 'kit'...never thought they could look this good.

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