I've been hoping to show you (code for: 'can't help flicking through the photos again, boo hoo I miss London + Paris!!') some snaps from my trip last year. Oh wow, that's the not nice thing about January - everything suddenly becomes 'last year'!

I had been to both cities before, however it was the first overseas trip for my young sons. You can see them in the photo of the fountain at Somerset House, running through it of course.

I really love London, it is so packed to the rafters with gorgeous architecture, gardens and incredibly creative and talented artists and crafts people.

My photos are a bit limited, looking back through I obviously didn't have blogging in mind when I was shooting them! There's mostly landscapes (work) and crazy silly happy snaps of the boys (love), but I hope there's something here you see too.

All images from The Diversion Project


Angela Furlong said...

Oh I love London and Paris too... seems like such a long time ago that I was there. Loved your photos, particularly the row of brightly coloured houses xx

Kate and Oli said...

Oh, I haven't been in Paris for so long! Your pictures make me miss it! And I've never been to London, but now you've re-awakened my longing!

i stumbled across your blog and love it! just wanted to say hi!

xo, katie

Tina said...

Gorgeous pics:) Almost makes me want to brave the cold weather in London & jump on a plane...almost:) - Tina x

Dustjacket Attic said...

Okay where's the passport....love that one of the boys, really cute!

Anna said...

Great pics...time goes so fast doesnt it...when you look back at pics it seems like just yesterday.
Hope you will be able to visit again...as for me..I still waiting for that trip to Paris ..sigh :)

My Notting Hill said...

Love London & Paris - but for entirely differnet reasons. Enjoyed your pics.

Michelle said...

Heading to London in April...any suggestions on MUST sees while we're there?!

The City Sage said...

haven't been abroad since high school--and that was too long ago than I care to admit! the huz recently went to london on business and he's dying to take me back there...and of course I'm dying to go shopping there!

and jules...how did i not know you're aussie?! what rock have I been living under? well all I can say is that we are coming to oz (sydney, hobart, and elsewhere I can't recall) for christmas 2010 and I would LOVE to have you be my tour guide!

Petit Elefant said...

I love how all the skies are grey in London. Cold, and grey. But maybe I'm just seeing things because I'm cold.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Thanks all for taking a look, and leaving such nice messages. just realised, these aren't all london. silly me.

the second image is the bodleian library, oxford.

tootle pip :)


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