Crystal Radio Set

OK, the last time I came across the words 'crystal' and 'radio' used together was back in 1979 when I was 10 years old and both of my older brothers got a crystal radio kit at Christmas time.

But this has taken things into a whole new stratosphere. The already stylish and chic Tivoli radio has been dressed up by Swedish designer Per Sunberg in Orrefors crystal!

I think the eye candy value is through the roof, but it would want to be for the $4,500 U.S. price tag.

Image from here.


Tina said...

Ooh I love it!! But the price tag...I will just have to enjoy it via your blog Jules:) Thanks for sharing!! - Tina x

Anna said...

Whoa..I have never seen one of those before...Ive seen clocks..but no radios...very unique indeed!

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