OK, something weird happened this morning.

I think I would be right in saying that in my daily profession I have a bit of a reputation among my contractors as being pretty tough (I like to think fair - but tough :). Which is why I totally suprised myself this morning when I squealed like a little girl!!!

But it was so squeal worthy - well for me anyway. I discovered that the fabulous Karey M. from Mackin Ink and T. Ruffles had posted about my blog over at Kirtsy! And, to add a spike to the cocktail, I stumbled across it in the Most Popular and the Editors' Faves lists.

I was blown away - the thing with starting a blog is at first you don't really know if people are actually enjoying what they're seeing, and this was such lovely feedback!

Alright, nuff said. I was majorly chuffed! Thanks Karey xxx

BTW - if you haven't tasted a T.Ruffle yet, I ardently suggest you do!!

Images from T.Ruffles


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That is squeal worth. Congrats!

karey m. said...

ahaha! i just saw this!

yep...i mentioned you at alt summit. i can't wait to see what you do with this space!

{by the way. since i did mention you, be sure not to quit anytime soon! i've got a reputation to maintain! plus maybe some money on this blog! ha!}

xoxo and all well deserved.

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