Bright Star

I have been lucky enough to get to see two movies this weekend, both of which I've been really hanging out to see. Firstly, the fabulous 'It's Complicated'. Just hilarious, beautiful and really great. I almost squealed audibly when I saw Annechovie's (Anne Harwell) lovely chair print in the movie - how exciting!! Really recommend seeing it.

And secondly I saw 'Bright Star', the film written, produced and directed by Jane Campion. What an incredible experience it was, Jane Campion has cast her magic spell yet again.

If this film is on your 'kind of like to see it if I get a chance' list - I suggest you upgrade it to your 'when is the soonest possible chance I can see it' list. This movie is exquisite. True, it is not the cheeriest of movies (so be warned), but the entire experience from the sets, performances, costume design and of course story line, are just exquisite. Only word for it.

There wasn't one noise in the packed cinema through the whole experience (except for the odd dabbing of the eye), and the most amazing thing happened. At the end of the movie when the credits started to roll, not one person moved - not one. There was a voice over of Keats' poetry and everyone sat glued listening quietly. It is the first time I have ever experienced that in a packed cinema! As we all walked out, strangers just started talking, and talking and talking about the movie. Quite incredible altogether.

Really; go see it.

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annechovie said...

Thanks so much for your very kind mention, Jules! Hope you have a great week!

Hila said...

oh, the same thing happened in the cinema when I went to see it. Nobody moved, we just all sat there transfixed, listening to Keats's poetry being read. I was already in tears by then.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Pleasure Anne - it was literally sooo exciting!

Hila - it really truly was such a lovely experience, wasn't it. I was really happy to see your review a few days before, because i had been wanting to see it, and I really really wanted it to be great.

Thank you ladies for stopping by and saying hi : ) jules

A Life More Fabulous said...

I've been hearing wonderful things about this film - will have to see it soon!

Love the blue dress in a sea of cornflower blue...

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