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During our trip to London and Paris this year we stayed in a Paris Perfect apartment, and was blown away with the quality, location and as you can see at the top right of this page - the view.

Because I was travelling alone with my sons, I wanted somewhere where we could really bunker down for a couple of weeks and enjoy the city. It was a return trip for me to Paris, but the first for the boys - and with that view out our windows, I'm sure they're never going to forget it!

We had less time in London and so went for hotel accommodation instead. Being back in London again reminded me just how much I love the place! I think a return visit very soon is needed (well, when I can erase the memory of the achingly long flight from the Antipodes!!!), and so I've been looking into similar apartment style accommodation for London.

Turns out, Paris Perfect now have London Perfect! What's even more perfect is this gorgeous Kensington pad, just around the corner from where we stayed on our last trip. The location, just down the road from Kensington Gardens, was ideal for us - after a day of shopping or sight seeing the boys could run amok through the vast and lovely park.

OK, looks like accommodation is now sorted. Check. Just need to work out when I might ever have some more accrued annual leave!!

Gorgeous living space, very open and generously proportioned for London digs.

But probably more important - a calm and serene master bedroom to hide in while the kids watch a DVD! I'm sold.

Images by London Perfect


vosges paris said...

This looks like an amazing place to stay, I love Londen wich I know better then Paris as I have been there so many times... would love to ecplore a bit more of Paris though this year;)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

It's gorgeous isn't it! They have many more apartments too, in Paris and London - all fantastic, can definately recommend them after our experience in Paris. Such great people!

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