Seriously Longing

I am seriously longing for a trip somewhere with white washed walls, mosaics and rugs outdoors. How about you?

There are many thanks to be given this week. Firstly to you for visiting and to these fabulous people...

Roséline @ {this is glamorous} for a lot of love this week
Sarah @ Haute Design
Jenny @ Jennys Hus
Carrie @ Carrie Leber PR
and belated thanks to Sasha @ Everything Fabulous 

Images from mi casa


Please, Please, Please...

...Let me wake up in France, just around the corner from this fabulous store with a limitless Visa card in my hand!

Images from maison hand


Done For

The open plan living space of this apartment is so close to my idea of perfect, it's not funny.

The mix of texture and modern, the scale of the room, the perfect layout and cool art really ticks boxes with me. Then add to the mix a dramatic black kitchen and I'm done for.

Images from maison hand.

Detail And Genius

The subtlety of these gorgeous kimono paintings belies the detail and genius.

So simple in composition and yet so much more. Click on the images to get the full impression of the detail in this brilliant work by the very talented Stephanie Rew, you'll be glad you did.

Images from stephanie rew


Quantity And Scale

I've always had a very soft spot for mirror. Mirrored walls, mirrored splash backs, mirrored furniture. But I seem to be collecting a great deal of images lately with mirror used beautifully.

So, why stop now. This home applies it in quantity and scale that makes me green with envy.

Images from nuevo estilo

Intimate And Interesting

Love the way this home takes a few calculated risks. They've paid off brilliantly I think. In a high luxe look the old brick walls would have been very tempting to plaster over. Instead a simple white wash of paint has provided a clean elegant look but left some of the integrity of the building shining through.

I also love the black ceiling in the kitchen that bunkers down that large space and makes it more intimate and interesting.

Crazy cool tiling throughout and beautifully composed furnishings make this a stellar renovation.

Images from journal de la maison


Little Detail

Perfect cocktail of white, grey and bleached wood. Seems like a no fail combination. The difficulty though is making this look individual and setting it apart from the pack.

I think the heart painted free hand on the wall has taken care of that little detail quite nicely in this home.

Images by marjon hoogervost via taverne agency
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