Beguilingly Simple

When I was talking about corten being one of my favourite building materials the other day, it reminded me of this stunning slice of Australian architecture that was featured on Australian Grand Designs, Callignee II. The manifestation of Chris Clarke's determination to never again experience the loss of his home to bushfire.

It is the reincarnation of Callignee I which was burnt to the ground only six days after it was completed, during the devastating Black Saturday bush fires that raged through Victoria in 2009. As a result of his loss, this home was built by Chris to be bullet (and fire) proof.

Apart from admiring his determination and amazing achievement, I particularly love the aesthetic of this country home, and of course, the material palette. Steel, concrete and recycled timbers. It seriously does not get much better.

One of my favourite details is that island bench. The bench is part of the remains from Callignee I. Built of mitred steel "I" beam and poured concrete, it is a beguilingly simple, but a stunning construction.

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Heather Feemster said...

How crazy! This house is stunning!! xo

David Toms said...

Simple is best and the timbers in this home are stunning! I am always impressed by the Australian bush some weeks after a fire how it rejuvinates itself!

Anonymous said...

I loved this home in House Beautiful - so simple, earthy and relaxed yet completely stunnings. Beautiful scenery too!

Soulful Mama said...

This home is simply amazing.

~ Clare x

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

This is one of my favourite properties - EVER. Jules, you never fail to wow me with these stunners.... I'm going to post about this one right now..

Pinecone Camp said...

That truly is an amazing home. That pool. Oh, that pool.
I saw some of the devastated areas, as my in-laws live near by. So sad.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

What a stunning house Jules, and by the sounds of it, poignant story behind it. Might have to track that episode of Grand Designs down. I love the recycled timbers behind the bed.

Anonymous said...

the house is irrefutably beautiful, but how about Chris, is he available?!

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