In A Field

This looks like quite a remarkable place to live. Natural timbers and vast planes of glass that open out to the outdoors are perfect for this country setting.
But the element that's really lighting my fire is the rammed earth walls. We include this material in a lot of our designs at work, but never specify it to the level of care and detail shown here. The 'Sara Lee' layer upon layer effect of the different soil mixes that have been placed throughout the walls is just stunning, and quite a construction coup. Beautifully done and such a stunning feature.
But apart from being dead impressed by the walls I think my favourite detail of this home is the moss green bed, like sleeping in a field of clover.
Images from epundit


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Oh man the lacquer rustic kitchen!! But really the bath is the most stunning for me.

paisleysummer said...

The wall reminds me of a bottle of coloured sand I got from Tewantin as a kid!
The house is amazing. I love the fireplace.

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