Clever Sense

This brilliant home brings together the exact look I'd like to achieve if I was starting from scratch with a new build.

A simple back drop (the grey is perfect) and a slathering of vintage to bring it into the realm of real.

Not to mention that v. cool black kitchen and black wall that shows off a clever sense of perspective. Great idea on the moose head.

But i seriously love the vintage bath and vanity - that colour is just gorgeous. And when looking at hte house a whole, how well does it fit in with the overall look!

You can read about the build of this cool home at Grey Gardens.

Images from design*sponge


JOE. D said...

nice (really nice) home .. but a complete (really complete) waste of part of a drum kit. my entire family would freak at such waste. my 6yo has his own drum kit and sometimes like's to roll it around before banging out a tune - but he is a kid. using a bass drum as a side table .. well, I never!!!

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Love those vintage details amongst the clean lines of a new home, and yes, the bathroom is very cool indeed!

KL said...

Oh, I laughed at your first comment which I read before writing this! Sorry Linda but I think the appropriation of the drum is fantastic! What a great home Jules!
x KL

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