Come Clean

I have to come clean. I'm not a big wallpaper fan. There's something about the permanence of it that scares the bejeesus out of me.

I know it's not permanent permanent, but it's certainly a good handful of steps more than cracking open a paint tin to make a change.

But this one is really doing it for me. And it's floral. Even more of a surprise. The only papers I've come close to are Moroccan inspired/Greek key/Broadhurst types (oh, and I'm also partial to a spot of caviar too).

Perhaps I'm softening, or perhaps it just looks cool.

I think it is a really nice addition to the overall white and super clean Scandinavian look going on here. It really brings the soul.

Images from stadshem


debra@dustjacket said...

I like wallpaper, I'm just too scared to use it! As you say, it's feels more permanent.

east of hudson said...

It's doing it for me too x

Jules said...

Having steamed it off more rooms than I care to remember wall paper doesn't do it for me either...but that doesn't mean I can't fall in love with it and the house before last we just painted over the top and as it was a raised pattern it looked fabulous!!!!!
Julienne xxx

Sarah B said...

Ha, I love that wallpaper too! I've been told I'm not to wallpaper anything here - bit of a bummer but I do admit, it's not for everyone. I don't know how I'd choose anyway, there are too many amazing ones out there. I love the super florally ones the most :)
Ps love your cute comments about my furry girl x

Angela said...

I'm a wallpaper fan from way back. Love this!

kat @ dot dot dash said...

all but the wallpaper is doing it for me... lovely spaces x kat

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Love the wallpaper! Ilike bold papers used sparingly, esp in framed panels. i've just bought two of those ikea chairs (pic 4), they're surprisingly comfortable!

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