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This home does a lot for me. From the hard scapes in front through to the soft calm spaces within, this place screams considered design. Well actually, it probably doesn't scream, it most like discusses in a well developed intelligent manner.

But often times the details in a space are what really capture my attention. This time - the collection of timber stools in the kitchen. A perfect counterpoint to a chic and slick modern kitchen. And the fact that one of them is cloud shaped, well that just adds to the love.

Images by √°baton via plastolux


Sarah Klassen said...

This home is fabulous! The large wood table, stools, open spaces and large windows—*sigh* —and that '5' :)

Hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend!


audrey and addison said...

stunning! would love to have that as a home.
Michelle xx

Brandi said...

I absolutely love the wood table and stools in the very modern white kitchen. It's such a fantastic contrast -- and just more proof that two very different worlds can work well together.

Heather Feemster said...

Love this house.

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