Not Completely Lost

OK, so enough of the banging on with the white already. Good thing I'm a slightly ADD Gemini - or else we could have had a whole week of white.

Just to prove I'm not completely lost to the colour cause, take a gander at this place. The richness in each shade is so luscious. I really like the dusty mauve in the bathroom. Actually there's not much about that bathroom that doesn't appeal to me. The reclaimed timbers and the natural stone basin are sensational don't you think?

Images from journal de la maison


Mise said...

It's an elegant tapestry of a place in its use of colour, beautifully set off by that wonderful aqua blue.

plaits and paisley said...

Glad to see you are not completely gone as far as colour is concerned! I also get seduced by predominantly white interiors, there is something so calm and organised about them. But in reality, I'd have to throw away 90%of my treasured belongings! And it probably doesn't reflect my true personality....not that organised or calm!!
I love the tiles and natural timber in the bathroom.
Penny x

Ai e Tal... said...

This lamp would look great with this kind of environment:


Merry Christmas!!!****

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