No Denying

The solid dose of Tolomeo lamps in this place pulled me in. My boys have a slathering of them in their bedrooms, and think they're v. cool. They are too, there's no denying.

But I'm currently twiddling my thumbs waiting for my two silver tolomeo wall lamps for the bedroom to arrive. Sadly, I'll be twiddling till February! Bummer.

But man, when they get here and replace the faux gold nastiness that is currently gracing my wall, I will be a very happy camper.

Images from femina


jacquelyn | lark + linen said...

this space is so pretty!

Unknown said...

Love the neutral pallet! and the rustic chic vibe!

Heidi said...

Any idea what this space is? Thanks for any info.

Meta Musings said...

so light and calming. really fab styling as well!

Jay Wen said...

The lighting in the space is gorgeous.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

hi heidi,

i'm sorry but i dont have any info. it came from femina magazine, but i didnt take the time to translate the article, sorry!


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