Phew Now

Bouncing around the ether just now I stumbled across a piece at Trendland that took my notice. Remember that gorgeous loft I showed you this week with the vaulted glass wall/ceiling from elle interiƶr, and I said that if I had time to translate and read the article that I'm sure it would be the home of a very clever stylist?? Well, I was half right.

It wasn't the home a a clever stylist, but it certainly was styled by a clever stylist. And the also clever people at Trendland have gone the extra mile and posted some images of the clever stylist's home. The clever stylist in question - Nanna Lagerman. Do go check it out.

OK, so, hope everyone has had a week that evened out more on the awesome side of the ledger than the ordinary side of the ledger. Mega-watt thanks to these great people for all the love....

Trina @ la la Lovely (and also for having me over for a play date!)

Louise @ Table Tonic


phew, now go forth and have a lovely weekend!

Images from trendland


debra@dustjacket said...

Oh well done jules...on the trail!

Hope your weekend has been good to you my sweet.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

poping over - thanks for the link - you always find the most interesting spaces!

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