Will It Ever

Do you ever look around your 'renovator's paradise' and think, when will it ever be done?

Well, if you take a leaf out of this home's book, perhaps you already are done! I'm kind of loving something I've noticed in a few editorials lately. Unfinished lining board, or gyprock as we call it here in Oz. This would be the third spread I've seen in recent weeks that shows how lovely this very basic element can be.

Still covered in the thin skim of putty holes and joins, and maybe even slightly washed over with very thin paint, I love the subtle warmth of it. And this bedroom and studio are perfect examples.

I mean, if it can look this good, why finish?!

Images from skona hem


Kerry said...

The fabulous artwork doesn't hurt either! Thanks for your lovely comment yesterday and I hope you have a brilliant weekend bloss :)

Sarah B said...

Yes, I do wonder when my renovators delight will ever be finished and I alo wonder what I will do with my time when it's done. I like the 'unfinished' look but I think it really depends on the style of the home.
The pics in these images are wonderful though Jules :)

brismod said...

I wonder all the time when it will end...Who knew living with the unfinished walls could look so good? xx

debra@dustjacket said...

Ha ha good point Jules. I had a smile with the portrait in #2.

Hope you have some nice plans for the weekend...just relaxing is a good start, right!

Take care hon,
xoxoxo DJ

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Jules, just found your blog and loving it...we have a similar style, I've also shared some of the same images on my blog...am following...:))
hope you're having a nice w/end

Tammy Burks said...

Oh My! I love this house! The quirky art work, the rustic, mixed with the modern, the darks against lights....pure LOVE!

Sarah Klassen said...

I agree, and good point!

Graceful Taylor said...

Stunning inspiration - thanks for sharing

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