Brilliantly Measured

I'm always a bit partial to animal skins on the bed, but that's not the only reason I selected this brilliantly measured home.

The restrained palette sets this place up to display the design beauty in its art, furniture, and lighting. And I really like that.

Images from rees roberts


Diana Mieczan said...

Hey! Happy Friday...Almost weekend:)
I love the living room:)...Natural light rocks:)

Catherine said...

Hi Jules,
I really like that too. And all that natural light is the perfect compliment. So serene...
Happy almost weekend!

Glamour Drops said...

The bedhead is luxe, luxe, luxe. And do I spy a little flash of gold on the bedside table on the left so set it all off? Beautiful.

24 Corners said...

I love number two...it's such a soothing space, I love how the beautiful architectural details mix perfectly with the contemporary, and the view is pretty neat too (doesn't that coffee table looks like ice?!)
xo J~

heather said...

Ooh, that living room looks like a great place to read!

FrenchBlue said...

I Adore this simplicity. the natural pallet and the clean lines!

debra@dustjacket said...

Yeah it is a bit sexy isn't it! Love the bedroom.

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