Pique My Interest

Some furnishings really tip the glamour balance, and these pieces I found at Anna Casa, tip it right off the charts.

That crystal chain link light and the silver and Murano glass wall sconce really pique my interest, but more so, I long to see a home that has a gold mirror and chocolate silk sofa!

Images from Anna Casa


Pinecone Camp said...

pique my interest too! Beautiful.

Diana Mieczan said...

The gold mirror and chocolate silk sofa looks amazing...Is that a music-note floor? Its really something:)


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Um....YOWZA ( you have forced me to go back to shouting) :) Talk about your luxury....I love it! I don't think I could pull it off but, I sure would like to be around it for a bit! :)

heather jenkinson said...

Well, now... Yikes, this one is a challenge. The table in the second image is very, very expensive and I know this because a previous client went ahead and bought it (+ 8) chairs from Harrods, and I can tell you that there was no change from £12 000 and in person, it was startling. To me, it felt like a petulant child having a fit and it was a ridiculous purchase - once you take into account that he bought this penthouse to rent out.(He eventually had to put the table in storage because no one would take the place on with that table in it.) Lesson to be learned? Do not impulse buy; wait for your designer to help you make smart decisions!

Jules, I admire your willingness to explore all types of design. Just looking at these images makes me feel tense...gah! (I am ridiculous, I know this.)

Unknown said...

Jules, that top sofa! And the bed with the fur throw! Stunning, elegant glamour, just my style! XO!

Unknown said...

Glama----Rama! (yum!)

Kelle Dame said...

My favorite is the mix of furniture in the fourth photo. The sofa is completely ornate and the chair is just as glamorous in it's simplicity. Just stunning!!

Splendid Willow said...

Jules, good to be back here!

That black table is amazing. Talk about a piece of art.

You always find different and fabulous images.

ox, Mon

David Toms said...

OMG that first sofa has just killed me and I have gone to heaven and am sitting on it now!

Giveaway happening over at my blog!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

That sideboard on the laquered wall - oversized sconces, such drama! Love it!!

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