My Friend Eiffel


Paris is one of my all time, no doubt about it, favourite places in the world. (I think I say that about nearly everywhere I've travelled to actually, but I always mean it!). I took my sons there last August, and stayed in the 7th for the first time. I always, you know, kind of liked the tower before, but never went out of my way to cultivate the friendship, get really up close and personal, or even climb it before but this time it was unavoidable, she was right outside my window everyday.

Slowly over the weeks she got to me, she winkled her way into my thoughts and dreams. She did it effortlessly over lunch on a hot day with ice in my glass of wine. She did it at night reflected in the plasma screen while we watched every copy of Jurassic Park in the apartment. She did it early in the morning when I ran across the street in yesterday's clothes to snaffle some bread before the locals cleared out the bakery. She did it when I had friends over to visit and we sauntered a few minutes up the street with kids, boyfriends, wine, cheese and tired feet to sit in front of her on the grass. She did it when I wondered 'where the hell am I?' - she showed us the way home. She did it while I sat at the desk checking emails and writing to friends trying to explain what I could see out my window. She did it by corrupting my children's hearts and memories with a vision so magical that will stay with them forever.

All images by The Diversion Project


Tina said...

Jules these pics are amazing and priceless!! I love that you all had such a fabulous time and that your boys have those amazing memories:) Gotta love Paris!!!! Thanks for sharing, it was a fantastic post:) ~ Tina x

Catherine said...

Hi Jules, It all sounds heavenly. The visual I got from your words totally transported me to Paris...a place I have never been but am constantly saying I want to go to. I love the photographs with your sons in the aparmtment with the tower standing beautifully in the background. Wonderful, magical post! xoTrina

MT- a thing for... / [d]r said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, I can't wait to one day experience Paris with my family the way you have with yours. : )

Anna White said...

Oh Jules...what an unforgettable moment..or moments..Im totally jealous! x

Jenn @ Dear Heart said...

Oh, do I have an image for you:http://www.prettylovelythings.com/2010/02/desk.html

Pretty much what design bloggers dreams are made of.

nichole said...

Lovely photos!

I had very little interest in the EIffel Tower until I saw the look on my sons' faces when they first saw the tower. Now I see it through their eyes.

We're headed back today, and it's on our list. ;)

hotelsdesignmonde said...

Greetings from Paris! :-)
For you Paris is maybe a city of dreams, but for me, who live in Paris, Australia is a country I dream to visit!!!

A Room For Everyone said...

What a cool post, I missed this one. You should be writing travel books, really. I love the pics too. Rachaelxx

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