Take Heart

If you ever fear you've got too much clutter on your inspiration board to gain any real clarity from it.....take heart.

I was strangely drawn to this place, even though it fritzes out my neurological infrastructure just a little bit.

Images from chicago home + garden


Thanks For Playing

Am I pushing my eBay luck? How high would you go? {I'm thinking future boys'-TV-slash-family-room-upholstered-cushions-type-use here}

Yes, searching here for the voice of reason.

As always.

Thanks for playing.

Images lifted from ebay

Just Because.....

....A bit of of mid-week dreaming never hurt anyone!

Images from jordi canosa



This place has really distracted me this week. To the point that I still posted it, even with people in the shot. Do you have weird things like that if you're a blogger?

For some reason I don't like my interiors and architecture cluttered with humans. Strange, I know, but there you have it.

But this place, I just had to show you. People and all. As the mother of two increasingly bigger and louder boys, I instantly had home envy. This place would be brilliant. To top that off, loads of concrete and vintage timber. My kind of phwoar.

That concrete barrel vault ceiling stole the show. If only it was a common occurrence here in Oz. My real estate idyll would be found.

Images from milk


I Imagine

You know, I imagine one actually does need two fabulous black leather chaises to sit back, relax, unwind and admire one's monster mid-century collection.

I can only imagine.

Images from nuevo estilo

Flickr Triptych

{click on image for detail}

1. here, 2. here, 3. here


So Kind

Thank you eBay gods and goddesses, you have been so kind to me this year. My latest acquisition. It's been a long time dream of mine to own one, and I finally do.

And thank you to everyone for dropping by this week. Feeling a bit under-resourced on the hours-in-the-day front in general at the moment (I know, nothing new).
You too?

This blog has had a kiss and a promise of attention out of me this week, so I'm sorry for not catching the list of people to thank this week. {Please don't be shy to let me know!}

But a big thanks to everyone, and wishing you a happy and peaceful weekend xx

Images lifted from auction page.


Dark Amber

Dark amber palettes are really getting me in the mood for winter. This NYC space has such a cool collection of caramels, browns and charcoals.

Really love the sculptural elements everywhere in this home, even down to the ceramic lamps. Everything is very tactile. But I think my moment of selling-the-children-to-have-these is definitely over the arm chairs. I'd be prepared to part with a lot for those.

Images from new york social diary


Clip Spots

Really liked the way this open space has been carved up. The use of pods in the otherwise open space has enabled the best of both worlds.

Large scale open loft-like living zones, and smaller but beautifully functional zones for sleeping, cooking, bathing.

Apart from the clever use of space, I instantly loved this place because, well, anyone who has that kind of soft spot for Tolomeo Clip Spots is OK by me.

Images from donna moderna
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